Be Spunki was created specifically for me - Shaun Sargent - a 50-somethng CEO and Chartered Accountant. Very selfishly. But very required. Traveling over 200 days a year and dealing with the stress of life I was looking for something to support me in being the best I could be.

Over a beer or three in Auckland with my wife, I was pondering life and how on earth I was going to cope with hitting the big 5-0. As always, she inspired me to take action.

"Instead of moaning about it, if it’s such an issue for you, why don't you find a solution?" she said. My usual defensive reply was along the lines of, "What do I know about men’s aging? and how to support that. Plus, I don’t really need any help!"

Together, we took the first steps and created the brand, Be Spunki.

Since being a young boy, I have always wanted to be the best I could be. Buying every supplement known-to-man, trying to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I saved up my weekend wages to fund this insanity. I had a few difficult years. It was more about comparison and self judgement, setting myself unrealistic goals, and always being disappointed.

Fast-forward a number of years, I was living life in the corporate space and became very familiar with stress and its effects on the body.  A demanding corporate job for 25 years certainly takes it's toll on living a healthy life. And like the frog on the stove in a warming pan of water, the changes creep up on you way too quickly, and without warning.

Looking back on it, that afternoon in Auckland was me waking up, getting out of the pan, to take action to REBOOT my own health.

Life is full of synchronicity. A chance meeting with a PhD scientist who just happened to specialise in male andropause (male ageing), led to the beginning steps of formulating Be Spunki REBOOT. Our brief was simple: “It has to work!”

The end result after many months of research and development was REBOOT, a completely natural and organic, TGA listed,nutraceutical based on the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, backed up by human clinical trials. A team of Australian scientists who specialise in hormone health created this unique blend of 10 natural and organic phyto-chemically active herbs and minerals that have been clinically proven to help support master male hormones, supporting a healthy stress response, boosting energy, boosting the metabolism, and enhancing men's health and overall well-being. 

Since REBOOT hit the market in January 2018 I have taken the recommended 4 capsules every day. 2 in the morning. 2 in the evening. Not only have I seen a dramatic difference in my overall health and well-being, but the personal gains in the gym have been remarkable. I'm lifting heavier weights than ever. I have a better mind-muscle connection with my body. My outlook on life has improved. And I feel more relaxed and consequently sleep better than ever. 

My results aren't unique. Both my wife and I have been humbled by the testimonials and feedback that we continue to receive from Be Spunki customers.

We continue to search for effective ways that support men to be the best they can be. On this site you'll find useful articles and tips from our ambassadors that encourage you to look after yourself. You will find the Be Spunki product range that supports male health. And you will learn that not only is it not selfish to put yourself first, it is imperative that you do.