June 17, 2020

“Well I’ve been taking REBOOT for a couple of months now. I’m a 35 year old, Ex-GRUNT, Commercial Diver, Functional Recovery and Meditation Facilitator, a life long student and a range of physical restrictions and limitations with going through 16 surgeries to-date.

Do I think, I should be up here repping a product, when you have these other fine specimens up here? Yes and No.

I’m just an average bloke, who believes this product could be a game changer. If you have reality based expectations. It’s not a silver bullet, but it’s a damn good shot at giving you a boost in the right direction.

Day 39 is when it was like “boom! I’m on! Focus, drive and energy, lets fucking move.” I haven’t had this feeling in years. Years!

I’ve tried a large range of supplements above and behind the counter, and they all have their pros, cons and then there is the snake oil. Was I skeptical at first, of course. Do I believe that one product will get me looking ripped and shredded? No. Do I think it is a great compliment to a healthy lifestyle and choices, yes.

Yes, it’s still early days, I’m still taking notes, and collaborating data. Nerd over here, but journalling and extensive note taking is part of how my mind works. Then I meditate on it, head back to the whiteboard, and repeat.

Remember; expectation management. Day 39 was like a bang for me, and the time my body needed, for it to kick in and notice the subtle differences. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.

I’ve been taking mood stabilisers for a year and they have been discarded (under medical approval). I don’t need them anymore and my psychiatrist approves.

Why was I taking Mood Stabilisers you may be asking?

It was an absolute no brainer to stop taking them. The reason I was on them, was due to doing high amounts of counselling, interviews and research into mental health and as a result was bringing mine down. I believe in openly talking about mental health and have no shame in doing so.

Medication has its place, but only for a specified period of time. If you are taking meds a point to note here is, what is your plan for getting off them? I believe REBOOT was one of the tools that helped me, what I needed, and need now. This isn’t personal advice to anyone else, just my own experience.

My energy levels are up, libido is up, tolerance levels to that afternoon crash of energy is combating well also.

Whilst we’re still being honest, I’m probably in the worst physical health of my life at present and taking the REBOOT post-surgery has been an interesting time to take it. It’s not just for performance athletes, or ex-ones like me, but also the average bloke who is getting back on the horse like me. That is the cut through for me. The jumper cables I needed.

After connecting with the founder Shaun, listening to his intention for making a better product to support men's health, acknowledging there is no short cut to better health, but understanding the tools that are available, why wouldn’t we utilise anything that can make a difference, no matter how subtle or big shifts you experience.

My aim isn’t like it was in the past. My aims are to get back to a level of health and wellbeing that is right for me, back in balance. So, even though I don’t look like I should be up here with the other lads, for my use of the product, I do. You’ve got my vote 100%.”  

Tristan Rose - Founder and Lead Facilitator of Blind Tiger Yoga | Meditation Facilitator | Commercial Diver | Ambassador for Swiss 8 | Veteran