January 03, 2020

As a Physical Training Instructor in the Australian Navy health and fitness is always at the forefront of my mind. In order to effectively train and coach others I need to be functioning at a 100 percent at all times.

I have been taking Be Spunki’s REBOOT for nearly 6 months now and the results speak for themselves. Since taking REBOOT I have noticed a significant boost in testosterone and overall immunity.

Not only does this product support the body but it also has such a positive effect on the mind. I have always struggled with anxiety and stress and when it comes to getting the best out of your training, they can have such a detrimental effect. Since taking REBOOT I have found both aspects have been dramatically reduced, leaving me feeling calmer and more in control.

I am very cautious as to what I put into my body and was skeptical initially as the market is saturated with unreliable products. But the team at Be Spunki have a genuine care for their customers and also the scientific research to back the product.

REBOOT has become a necessary staple in my life and I highly recommend to males of all ages if you’re seeking to improve overall health or physical performance.

- Justin Heard, Navy Physical Trainer