November 14, 2019

pictured: David 'Hydra' Kyriacou training the 1 Royal Anglican (The Vikings) British Infantry, in Hydra Combatives


REBOOT has fully kicked in with me. My performance in the gym is like I'm 10 years younger and injury free.

I do 2500 reps on my core daily. My other workouts are in the 600 - 1000 reps on average now. Four body parts at a time. I spar every single day, ride my push bike to get there and back, jump on the skipping rope, drill my ass off, several times a day.

I'm seeing my abs come through now too.

I'm waking back up.

If I can do it, with stabbed up forearms, legs, shoulders and spliced thumb, bad neck, broken feet etc. What fckin excuse is left?

This is thanks to REBOOT and RECOVER.

- David 'Hydra' Kyriacou | 2019 Reality Martial Arts Instructor of the Year as voted at the British Martial Arts Awards | 2017 Breakthrough Martial Artist of the Year as voted for at the British Martial Arts Awards