April 10, 2021

Do you remember what life was like three years ago? What were you busy with in January 2018? How did you feel?

Three years ago I would have definitely said that I was “the best I could be”, eating healthily, training well, and having a body that functioned as it should. Or so I thought.

Fast forward to April 2021, the 'new normal' for me is somewhat different to what it was three and a bit years ago. How, you may ask?

Well, let me outline my 'new normal day; and please note we are all different, and what my day is doesn’t make it better or worse, it’s just my day:

(A warning: this may not be for the squeamish or faint hearted, but it’s my raw honest truth, like it or not.)

I wake up every day, without fail, with a very strong erection! Told you it wasn’t for the faint hearted. In fact, it’s generally been present all night, and that’s not because I haven’t made love to my wife for weeks.

My wife an I laugh, because I am literally like a 14-year-old teenager again, very proud of myself.

Did I struggle before January 2018? No, definitely not, but now, it’s just a lot more visible and present.


My libido has gone through the roof and I know from the comments made from our Be Spunki community, that most feel the same themselves since taking REBOOT. We often hear that people are regaining a sex life, or a better sex life. We hear of couples who couldn’t conceive, conceiving, and and and. It’s so gratifying to hear people are getting results similar to me.


Next up. Next big change, after making my wife a coffee, it's then time to train. My gym sessions are now a huge pleasure. Were they before?  Absolutely, but now every session (bar maybe 1 or 2 in the last 3 years) leads to development, either in weights used, reps achieved, or both. The weights just 'feel' better, if that makes sense. The connection to my body somehow seems incredibly enhanced. Was I slack before? Did I not feel connected to my body? Hell no! But now my focus is much stronger and sharper, that the body feels on-point, and my positive mind-set working at warp speed. For someone who has trained since their early years, I cannot emphasise enough just how much of a big thing this is for me. It’s like all my Christmas' coming at once.


With a big glass of Be Spunki RECOVER, hulled hemp seeds, dates and macadamia mylk, all my immediate needs are taken care of. Why these ingredients? RECOVER has a base of amazing Aussie-grown assimilable vegan protein and adaptogenic herbs to help my body deal with the stresses of training, the elimination of toxins produced during training, and the other elements assist the body to generate positive hormone flow for growth and recovery. It also tastes amazing, and I don’t get the awful 'whey farts' I used to get. Better for me, better for the wife. And ticking off many many boxes in terms of recovery and recuperation.


Every work has stress, yet with REBOOT, I notice that, as well as my positive outlook, my body also doesn’t seem to get as stressed out as it did. Subtle, but massive for me, as stress has always been a big part of who I am, and I'm sure that by now, my adrenals have had enough of being overworked. I have definitely noticed a difference in my work outputs, and how my reaction to life’s daily events. And it’s much better now than at any time before. I am more present, more focused and more chilled out, in a switched-on kind of way, if that makes sense?


As mentioned above, my libido has taken a huge leap upwards. I have always enjoyed sex, but now, it’s even better than when I first found it, a long time ago. The intimacy I feel with my wife is incredible, the mental aspect, the spiritual aspect, and of course, the physical aspect. I won’t go into the finer details (to spare you and her), but needless to say, at 53 years old, my sex life has never been better. And it’s never felt better.

Because all of this is a daily occurrence, it has become my new norm.

And from all the emails we get, the testimonials etc, I know it’s generally the new norm for many in the community. How amazing is that!  It's exactly why we started Be Spunki in the first place.


As busy humans, its always easy to forget the journey, where we began, what happened along the way, focusing and remembering only the now. It’s human nature to forget what the old norm was. As REBOOT is not a magic pill, or a fast acting pharmaceutical, the effects are subtle and cumulate over time. It may be weeks, it may be months, but I can definitely say, the longer I take it, the better it becomes.

Some of our community relate back that the improvements are so subtle, that they forget what the old life was like, until they run out of stock, and miss a month or two. It's only that return to the old, that really highlights the massive changes they have achieved, over time taking REBOOT.

Now, I hear you say, does Be Spunki change us, so we need to keep taking it, or does it mess up our system?

The simple answer is no. It doesn’t change you (like synthetic hormones etc) or shut down your system. In fact it enhances what you have.

REBOOT is like a high octane fuel. It provides your 'engine' what it needs to move forward. Without fuel, the engine doesn’t run. And with less octane fuel, it doesn’t run as well.

We all have different engines, and different requirements. Some are well serviced, some need a bit more TLC, but what I do know, is that we can all get our engine in the best condition if we choose. It may take some time, it may be frustrating, but if you have ever rebuilt an old motor, you will definitely know the massive sense of accomplishment when it runs well for the first time in a long while. 

That’s where my motor is now – fueled and running very well, like when it was first built - and that is the same for a great number of our community too.

Of course, if I forget the fuel, or put rubbish in, it will return back to its previous state, but that’s just a choice.


For me, I know that if I choose to give my body the best I can give it, my new norm just keeps getting better. So, enough of me, I really would like to hear from you, about your new norm.

It would be great to hear about your 'new norm', and how that has improved your daily life. Not only does that inspire us to keep tuning our engine, but your stories also inspire others to begin the journey to refurb their engines, and look for their new norms. Never underestimate the power YOU have to create change, because when you are on top of your life, others will look to do the same.

Check out what some of our community have to say - Russ, James, Oris for example - and why not join them in spreading the message. Your mates will thank you for it! 

co-founder of Be Spunki

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