April 14, 2021

Sadly at this time, more money is spent on marketing spin by companies, than on the products they are selling. This applies to most things.

The consumer is being lied to, to feed the machine that needs to be constantly fed to survive. This marketing spin is not new, in fact one of the earliest (most celebrated) examples is of how the cigarette industry became popular in the early 1900’s, when the king of modern day marketing, Edward Bernays (described as the pioneer in the field of PR & propaganda) paid young attractive women and rugged men (remember Marlborough man) to be photographed with a cigarette in Time Square NYC, for that picture to go viral, and drive people to want to “be like” those ladies and men.


A modern day example: We are all being led down the route to think that electric cars are the green solution to the worlds "CO2 issues", yet few people know that, on every level, electric cars are far more damaging to the earth (the environmental toll of rare earth / rare mineral extraction, child labor for mining, overall lessor performance, more expensive to buy and run, difficulty to dispose of the batteries at their end of life etc) than there much maligned fossil fuel alternates.

Please don't misunderstand me, as I am definitely pro earth, pro conservation (we recently planted over 2,500 native trees on our property to encourage reforestation, biodiversity and create a sanctuary for native endangered wildlife)  and pro anything that nurtures and enriches our planet, as we have no plan B.

But I am definitely anti bullshit, and monetising things that are worse than what we currently have. Stop deceiving the customer! Why the “green spin”?


Well, the same bullshit applied to our world – where lessor products are marketed as superior, when in fact they aren’t. Many “new improved” ingredients are just the industries way (whey) of getting rid of expensive toxic by-products.

I have fallen for nigh on every marketing trick in the book, spent a royal fortune on the latest “new and improved”, and have lived experience to be able to share with you. Don’t believe all that you read on the marketing page, or the ads. Is Be Spunki the same? Do your research and make your own mind up please – don’t believe anyone but your own self.

How does this all apply to Be Spunki?

A great example: RECOVER was created because when my now wife moved in with me 10 years ago, she educated me on the true nature of what I was consuming, how much harm it was doing to my body, and how by ingesting what I was ingesting, was taking me further away from my goals, rather than closer to them. She gave me The China Study by Dr Colin Campbell, which blew my mind about dairy consumption.

Now to be very clear – I have nothing against you doing what works for you, far from it. In fact, I ask you to do 100% what feels good for you, so if consuming the latest and greatest protein works for you, stick with it. I mean – we are now having bug dust marketed to us as the new complete protein, and heaven knows what that’s all about. It makes my 18 year old self’s post workout drink of 6 raw eggs blended with 1 pound of raw liver seem almost attractive.


I have just finished reading Estrogeneration by Anthony G Jay, Ph.D and things don’t look good for us, if we are searching for optimum hormone health. The hidden toxins that actively decrease our testosterone levels are everywhere. The hidden xeno-estrogenic compounds that turn off our testosterone prevail in the battle with our body. The fight for sex hormone receptor sites is increasing, and testosterone isn’t the Alex Volkanovski of hormones. The more toxins we take in (knowingly or by default), the less testosterone gets to bind where it needs to, and work as it should. And the less testosterone gets produced in the first instance.

One section in the book caught my eye more than most – the section on dairy! It caught my attention, because it was exactly what my wife had told me 10 years ago – sadly its nigh on impossible to get “clean” dairy these days, due to how the industry has evolved. Hormones to boost growth, antibiotics to keep the animal alive, hormones to keep cows lactating, even hidden contamination of “organic pastures” through “approved weed suppressants”.

In the study by Maruyama, K, Oshima T and Ohyama k (2010), "Exposure to exogenous estrogen through intake of commercial cow milk produced from pregnant cows” it showed that “testosterone significantly decreased in men ... within 1 hour of them consuming whole milk” And that doesn’t take into account the longer term effects, nor any presence of synthetic xeno-estrogens.

Read that again!

“testosterone significantly decreased in men ... within 1 hour of them consuming whole milk”

And to think that most post workout drinks contain dairy, so when you want to be boosting your testosterone, what you are ingesting is actually diminishing it. What more is there to say?!

Its fcuking scary what we don’t know that we are ingesting, and that’s definitely a huge key as to why our testosterone levels are plummeting, why our “maleness” is decreasing, and why Dr Shanna Swann says we are on the verge of not being able to procreate due to rapid declines in sperm health, mobility, volume and quantity.

That’s why my wife created RECOVER for me, so that when I take it, it does what it says, nourish my body with the cleanest natural Australian grown vegan protein source - spirulina - (as tested by an independent body in the UAE), which not only provides me protein, in an available form, but strengthens my detox pathways in the body, providing key vitamins and minerals and so much more. Then she added another source of Australian grown organic powders - beetroot, broccoli, brussel sprouts - as well as key herbs that are designed to restore, strengthen and enhance my body.

But please don’t take my word for it, Read any or all of the following books as a start: 

  • The China Study by T. Colin Campbell Ph.D. and and his son, Thomas M. Campbell II MD.
  • Estrogeneration. How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick, and Infertile. by Anthony G. Jay Ph.D.
  • Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race by Dr Shanna Swann Ph.D.

and make your own decisions.

What pisses me off the most is when people are misled, when people are sold something less than the best it can be, when what they take in the hope it enhances them, actually is counter productive. The BS of marketing, propaganda and manipulation makes me sick.

Whether you buy RECOVER or not is 100% your choice. The point behind this is to give you some pointers to do your own research, and make sure that when you choose a product, YOU KNOW YOURSELF THAT IT WILL HELP YOU REACH YOUR TARGETS.


Mike Oversby

Mike Oversby said:

Hi Shaun, nice articale. We grew up with a cow,it converted grass and weeds to something good for us. But it was seasonal with the new calves. Its that seasonality that our society rejects and covers up with the compromisable issues you speak of .
Its back to being aware of the source. I still prefer to spend my money at a shop front as its another layer to protect against marketing ,and the bonus is there is somebody to hit if they dont tell the truth.I read the China study 20 years ago and it was part of who I am today in understanding and questioning things , triggered by having Peritonitis .
Have a grate day ,
Cheers Mike

Shaun at Be Spunki

Shaun at Be Spunki said:

Fantastic Mike. Fully agree. We love to support local wherever possible and definitely like to know where the source of everything comes from. Thanks as always for your input. Cheers, Shaun

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