April 15, 2020

When we were creating Be Spunki and looking at how we could make a product that worked for me (Shaun), the foremost thought at every stage of the process was QUALITY, TRUST and MADE WITH COMPLETE INTEGRITY.

You see, over 30+ years, I had purchased nigh on every supplement known to man, some good (until banned), some just pee’d out as soon as they went in. All the while searching for the holy grail - something to support me to be the best I can be in my daily life.

Now, I didn’t have time to waste - fast approaching the big 50, I wanted to be taking something that would help me deal with my daily stress, help my body recover, and most of all, something that would keep me at my peak, in all aspects of my life. In truth - I wanted “something” that did what it said it would do.

For Samantha and I, we needed to be assured of the quality of the ingredients, the quality of the production process, the quality of the packaging, and above all, the quality of the customer experience. Our philosophy is simple

do unto others as you would have them do unto you

so it was a huge part of the process to ensure we had the best people working with us, to create, source, make and deliver something that was as good as it could be - period.

In a world focused more and more on profit and marketing trickery, it would have been easy to design the product ourselves, buy the cheapest ingredients, have it made offshore in a cheap factory, and buy our packaging as cheap as possible.

But that just didn’t seem to be the energy we wanted for Be Spunki.

Too many times we have seen product recalls due to contamination of raw materials. Too many times we have seen hard working people being parted with their hard earned money, believing what they are buying will help them. Too often we hear “it's too expensive to manufacture in Australia.”

Well, none of that works for us - our target is to be able to give you our word that Be Spunki is as good as it can be, it contains what it says it contains, it's safe to consume, and it does what it says it does.

  • Our company is 100% Australian owned and based.
  • Our science team who created the blend are based in Australia, with the research into the ingredients carried out in Australia.
  • Our manufacturing partner is a GMP certified, TGA registered facility based in Australia, with the strictest quality control processes.
  • Our ingredients are tested before production to ensure identification, purity, quality and no contamination.
  • Our capsules are tested again after production, to ensure the highest quality and stability is maintained.
  • Our boxes are made in Australia.
  • Our warehouse is in Australia.

For us, intention is everything, and our intention is to support our great people, by supporting our great country. Australia is renowned for the very qualities that Be Spunki strives for QUALITY, TRUST and GIVING IT A GO - and that’s very much the Be Spunki way.

In this time of turmoil, uncertainty and stress, please be assured that here at Be Spunki, with your help, we can provide a quality product, that is proudly Australian born and bred.



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