November 04, 2018

Written by Dan Peña – The 50 Billion Dollar Man


I am the 50 Billion Dollar Man, as many people call me. But I didn’t achieve all my success through love and affection from people. It was all grit, hard work, focus, and sacrifice. Here are some of the things I learned in life that made me who I am today, and which could help you achieve success.

But don’t get me wrong. I am no Mother Theresa. I am far from being a saint! I am saying this because I know for a fact, most of you are lazy cunts blaming everyone else for your sorry lives of quiet desperation and won’t accept responsibility for your actions, or lack of actions!

A famous quote by Bill Gates says, “If you are born poor it’s not your mistake; But if you die poor it’s your mistake.”


If you work on many deals (or whatever you are working on), your FOCUS AND TIME gets split up accordingly. And a LOT of things get fucked up when you don’t focus ENOUGH on things that MATTER MOST! You do not want to be spread too thin when you are working on important deals!


If you grew up with a family that have mediocre goals, or even no goals, guess what? You have mediocre goals, at best, too! If your friends are cowards whenever someone tries to bully them, guess what, you become a coward too! You become influenced by the people around you whether you like it or not! There is no easy way to say it – cut your connections with friends that do nothing but keep you down and distance yourself from your family if they always pull you back from your goals in life. You must surround yourself with people who are high performers. I had a mentee who changed his phone number to get rid of almost everyone and only gave his new one to a handful of people (those who are related to his life goals). Those who called his old number got this automated message “I changed my number. If I didn’t give you my new number, that means I don’t want you in my life!”. Even his mother got that message when she tried to call!

Who are those 5 people? It would be even better if one of those 5 people you keep around is a really good and trustworthy mentor, someone who can teach you what s/he has learned and cut your learning curve by a tremendous amount! Success begets success! Your partner should also be supportive. Many people are married because of the wrong reasons! And that further exacerbates you from achieving your high performances endeavors!


For the first 7 or 8 years of your life, who were you with most of the time? For most, it’s their mother, father, or other close family members. I noticed growing up that most people have very low self-esteem. Why? I realized it was because how my parents brought me up. My father was a cop, who never took a real vacation from work and got several jobs just to put food on the table. I saw what hard work looks like since I was a young boy from my father. I saw my father proudly serve in 2 wars, ergo I volunteered to serve, as well! In addition, I was fortunate to have my mother, who followed, Dr. Spock’s book on “Baby and Child Care” – one of the most read book on this subject!


When you get sick, if your mother gets cancer, if your daughter wants to go to college, if your son had an accident, can you pay using love? Of course not! Money talks and bullshit walks! Money is not the root of all evil – it makes the world go round!

Love alone doesn’t run the world. If you love everyone, give in to what everyone wants and please everybody, you will be POOR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Most of your parents “loved” you – but look where you are now! Most of you are weak minded and can’t stand up on your own two feet! Your world becomes shattered when you realize saying sorry is not enough to make up for your mistakes, you should WORK to make up for it – because if we were at war, we would all be dead from a single mistake! Your world falls apart when your mommy and daddy will not be there to get you a job. Your world as you know it, becomes a lie when you realize life is a hard motherfucker and not a slappy happy episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.!

I don’t want my kids to love me, I want them to respect me – because I wasn’t all lovey dovey with my children, but I made sure they were ready for the real world.


Conventional wisdom says you want to set achievable goals. My life was changed a number of years ago when I heard Ted Turner of Time Warner/Turner Communications (now AOL/Time Warner) fame say “set goals you cannot accomplish in your lifetime.” Does that sound like an achievable goal? Does that sound like a goal with a set time frame? Doesn’t conventional wisdom say “you must set a time limit for your goal?” B.S.! The pundits tell you that a set time frame will act as a benchmark. Actually, it acts as the opposite. It’s really a ceiling. How many times have we seen someone give seven days, a month, or sixty days to do something? What happens? It takes exactly that long to accomplish the act. Doesn’t it? Instead we should say – as fast as humanly possible! What happens when you’re told “I need it now”? It gets done now!

You see, all super high-performance people go against conventional wisdom. Turner, Iacocca, Ford, Dell, Edison, Gates, Jobs, Tesla, Tom Watson, Perot, Fred Smith, Knight, Bezos, Musk, and probably any superstar you know all subscribe to do what others felt was wrong. And in every case, probably something that was not considered achievable. In other words, the very opposite of conventional wisdom. That same conventional wisdom that is preached in our schools. And we wonder why we’re not more successful! Why our children are not high achievers! We wonder why kids are so ill-prepared for life! We wonder why there are so many dufuses! Wouldn’t you like to have some chances back again? The things you didn’t do. And you say you can’t. Why? Because of your responsibilities, family, kids, etc. Because others say so? Because time has passed you by? Because you are too old now? Because you don’t have the energy any more, or even because you’re too young? Because! Because! Because! Conventional wisdom says you can’t, that’s why!

Colonel Sanders was 65 years old when he decided to sell fried chicken in a cardboard box. Grandma Moses was in her 80’s when she decided to paint. How old are you? Is your idea any funkier than Sanders? Grandma Moses? Is your idea any stranger than Ross Perot’s idea to build a company that could outsell IBM at what they did better than anyone in the world? Cheaper? Starting with $1,000? Or what about a teenage Bill Gates wanting a computer in every U.S. home! I don’t think so! Who’s kidding who? It’s a changed world! Are you changing?


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